Our Founder

Always aiming for the best and propelled by an inquisitive mind…
Our Founder

An industrial man who dreams constantly and opens the doors of success one by one with his dreams:

M. Kemal Coşkunöz

The founder of Coşkunöz Holding and its companies, M. Kemal Coşkunöz, known to all as Kemal Hoca, put his foot in the world of commerce with a workshop he opened in 1949.

Motivated by a desire to be the best at what he does, he achieved great success in his small workshop in just a short time. Not long after this successful initiative, he realized that Turkey’s automotive industry was developing rapidly and its needs were growing. In order to meet these needs with the best quality solutions, he brought SKT to life along with his two other educator fellows, and introduced “ground-breaking novelties” that would transform the Turkish automotive industry.

Mehmet Kemal Coşkunöz

M. Kemal Coşkunöz Digital Exhibition

A Life Dedicated to Education and Production

Visit the digital exhibition to see special photographs and documents describing the life and achievements of M.Kemal Coşkunöz.

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